Did you know?

With approximately 179 officers, the SPD responded to 72,675 calls for service in 2020.

Swat team

64% Larceny
12% Burglary
13% Aggravated Assault
6% Motor Vehicle Theft
3% Robbery
2% Forcible Sex Offenses
< 1% Murder

• The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) interacts with the city’s homeless population in an effort to provide individuals with viable alternatives to homelessness. HOT made 5,471 contacts in 2020.

• The Sarasota Police Department’s K-9 unit consists of four highly trained officers and their K-9 partners Coti, Bronson, Bandi and Bobbi.

• The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a multidiscipline law enforcement unit comprised of one Sergeant and twelve officers trained to handle a variety of situations such as Search and Rescue, Natural Disaster Response, Civil Unrest/Riots. 

• In 2020, ERT was activated 16 times, 15 of which were related to protests within the City of Sarasota over a three-week period. The officers demonstrated professionalism throughout the various protests and there were no arrests, incidents involving the use of force, property damage, or injuries reported during any of these events.

• The Community Relations Unit consists of Crime Prevention, Project Lifesaver Program and the Community Action Team. This unit strives to provide a safe community by educating citizens on how they can anticipate, recognize and reduce crime.

• Officers in the Community Relations Unit partner with neighborhood associations and Crime Watch groups to coordinate specialized programs and safety seminars.

• In 2020, the Sarasota Police Department hired 11 new officers who were selected after vetting and processing 102 applications.

• The Sarasota Police Department is a Veteran’s preference employer. In 2020 new officers were added from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and National Guard.

• Currently, women represent nearly 15% of the Sarasota Police Department which is above the national average.

• In 2020, 1,326 Extra Duty Details were filled by officers to assist with security needs for local businesses.