Our History

Police officers on Bikes

The Sarasota Police Foundation (SPF) was formed in 2014 by city residents and business owners intent on supporting the officers of the Sarasota Police Department. The primary objectives of SPF include:

  1. Providing resources for improved equipment and training
  2. Fostering open, bi-directional communication between the SPD and citizens.
  3. Recognizing exceptional officer service and professionalism
  4. Providing health & wellness initiatives for officers

SPF provides open support for the Sarasota Police Department and its officers. The foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with no paid employees or consultants; the SPF is operated entirely with volunteers. Funding comes from donations from individuals, businesses, foundations or fundraising events held by SPF. All monies raised or donations received go directly to support the Sarasota Police Department, through the efforts of the SPF.

The foundation also works to provide support and other resources to officers and their families that face severe medical conditions, whether from injury or disease.