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Very Generous Donation Received From Martie Moss & Paul Rubin

Paul Rubin, Martie Moss, Chief Bernadette DiPino, Jeff Birnbach

The Sarasota Police Foundation recently announced receipt of a significant donation from Ms. Martie Moss and Mr. Paul Rubin, both residents of Sarasota.  The couple gifted $100,000 to the Sarasota Police Foundation in support of the Sarasota Police Department and law enforcement.

The funds will be used to develop programs for officer wellness and safety initiatives, as well as the creation of an annual Officer of the Year award to recognize outstanding officer service to the community.

During a recent gifting ceremony, Mr. Rubin, an acclaimed economist, cited the need for strong law enforcement to protect local investment and businesses in the community. He linked effective law enforcement as an essential element of a strong economy, as well as necessary for a high quality of life for the City’s residents, and urged others in the community to donate and support our police.

“Knowing that people like you support us and want to help us do a good job within our community is appreciated more than I can even express,” said Chief DiPino. Officer wellness and safety is vital to the success of the Sarasota Police Department, and vital to the officers, their families, and the critical role they serve the community. 

“The Moss/Rubin donation is very significant,” noted Jeff Birnbach, president of the Sarasota Police Foundation. “This will help us deliver on our mission to support officer health, safety and wellness initiatives as well as advanced training, to better serve the residents and business in our community.”  You can learn more about the Sarasota Police Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization follow on Instagram at SRQPoliceFdtn or Twitter at @SRQPoliceFdtn.

Every Dollar Can Make a Difference

Please help support the men and women who help make Sarasota the great community it is for all of us. With approximately 179 officers, in 2019 SPD responded to 81,897 calls for service within the City.

As our community continues to grow and evolve, training and support of new officers becomes an increasingly important component. Less than 1.3% of the department’s budget earmarked for training in 2019. Working together with the community the SPF is focused on giving our officers the best skills, tools and resources to succeed in our community. But we need your help. Please donate, or support an event in 2020 to help our efforts.